Oakland Coffee

We met a guy who works for Blue Bottle Coffee and he gave us a couple pounds to try as a favor-  thanks guy!!

I happily brought it home and tried it for a few days. As it was whole bean, I ground it up, but either I’m used to the turbo-jet-fuel of Cole Coffee, or I didn’t grind it fine enough- as it really didn’t  hit me with any great slap. The flavor was nice, but (horror of horrors, maybe my taste buds are dying off) it seemed, well, weak.

When I drink coffee, I like the experience to be somewhere between a warm hug and an ice bath for my nervous system. I only drink one cup a day usually- (well, a pint glass) so it’s gotta be quality.

Am I missing something here? Do I need to go down to Jack London and get a drip cup straight from the teat? I can’t believe there is all this hype around BB if my experience was typical. I want to like you Blue, I do!


2 comments on “Oakland Coffee

  1. melinda says:

    Where can one get fresh squeezed veg juice???

    • oaklavore says:

      There’s a place on Piedmont called I think, Juice Appeal- near to Piedmont Springs… Jamba Juice will do carrot and wheatgrass- but for stuff like kale or celery- borrow my juicer 🙂

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