O-town’s Tart Fro-Yo

Tart yogurt is a newish thing in my life. It’s old hat to most now, I resisted for a long time but have some around… The trend keeps rolling along- I thought it would have passed by now. Luckily, it hasn’t! It has fresh toppings and pro-biotics- FINALLY a dessert that is good for you!
There aren’t many places in Oakland to get the tart stuff, so here are three that are open for your business!!

The bottom of High St. near the bridge to Alameda
This yogurt is in a car wash! Sort of odd, but if you are jonesing and don’t want to cross that bridge, it is there for you in all its tart goodness. Fresh toppings too! Support the little guy!

Oakland City Center
I’ve been to SoGreen in the city. Since they pour for you- it limits the possibilities, but you always know how its going to come out! Their price point seems to be on the high end, but it is always a tasty treat.

Tutti Frutti
Piedmont Ave
I love it when you introduce someone to something and they love it more than you do, and then you go there all the time and get tart yogurt and make fun of the chilled out kids that work there who play the Grateful Dead and the Ramones.

I love lychees. LOVE THEM. There, I said it. Now everyone knows.


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