Oakland to the Islands

A friend and I visited Hibiscus Restaurant, and the food was good. We didn’t get the warmest feeling from the staff, but we figured they left the heat to the food!

Over to it: We had the divine plantains- they had raw garlic bits on top: good for the system, bad for the kissin’. The ackee and saltfish was better than any I had in Jamaica when I lived there but it packs a SERIOUS punch, with (I’m guessing) scotch bonnet peppers. The pickliz were a fun side, as was the callaloo- but like many people I can’t stand okra, and there was a good helping in the greens.

The hibiscus drink which was really sweet, and I was really tempted to get a Ting- next time!

The bread pudding was salted caramel goodness- we were reprimanded for leaving a single bite, so I took the bite for the team… I now must start a running habit!

Maybe I’ll run down to Yardie Jerk for Jamaican next time- keep an irie eye out for the update!!


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