Temescal Tapas!!

Barlata currently resides in the same space where the old Silver Lion stood. It is hard to believe that this open and airy space once held a dark (and sorely missed by many) hidey hole of a bar. Thanks to this Tapas place, nothing says “Hola Summer!” like some tapas and a nice cold glass of sangria!
ALL the waitstaff are BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, I don’t think they hire you unless you are smokin’ hot. Unfortunately, the service fell apart after we ate. Trying to get a second beverage, much less our check was a royal challenge. So attentive, and then not at all… Our neighbors also shared our misfortune- sadly they hadn’t even ordered yet.
Oh, right- the food!!! I was really blown away by the octopus lata “Pulpo”- cooked for 2 hours, it was soft and not chewy, and spiced to perfection. Holy Patatas Bravas- hot and fried cubes of potato with what I call “Spanish Siracha” and Hollandaise dolloped on top was pure heaven. The clams were a nice treat, with onions, mushrooms, tiny Chorizo cubes, and the sauce was amazing for dipping bread. The cheese plate included a cube of quince paste and a wedge of dense fig “bread” with the 4 cheese slivers, but seemed a bit stingy for $11. The mushroom lata “Setas” was good but just ho-hum- however it was nice to have a vegetable. The olives we could have done without- they were really lemony, which I liked but my friend disliked.
Overall we walked out $40 lighter each, and were stuffed to the gills, and didn’t finish everything, but really tried a lot of different dishes. It felt like we’d taken a trip, without airfare!! Happy Summer from the Oaklavore!