The Great Taco Truck Debate

Hi Oaklavore Fans!
One of my favorite things about our fair town is the bevy of muy authentico Taco Trucks to choose from!!
Many a celebrity have weighed in, from Anthony Bourdain to Bruce Aidell, but no one needs famous taste buds to know what’s good on a tortilla!
The Good the Bad and the Ugly:
My poison is carnitas – the porky fried goodness that are crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. The perfect taco, to me, is a soft corn tortilla topped with carnitas, salsa, queso fresca finished with a squeeze of lime. Don’t forget the pickled carrots and jalapenos!! The difference between juicy and greasy is a key one here, and in bad cases clear grease pools in the tacos and comes out with the first fold… Sad, as that can kill a good taco.

On to the winners:

Tacos Mi Rancho Taco Truck
1st Ave & 1st Ave Pl
(where International Ave ends near Lake Merrit)
Oakland, CA 94606
This place is GRUBBIN! There are always a few customers here, and the tacos and tortas are tasty and always on time. Mi Rancho hits the spot!

La Pinata
720 High St (at Coliseum Way)
Oakland, CA 94601
$1.25 tacos, amazing value, amazing taste!! Green onions come with your tacos, a very nice perk when you pull off the freeway for these tasty treats!!

Tacos El Gordo
4201 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94601
$1.50 tacos, saucy- not greasy. Heavy on the heat in the pickled veggies, go easy. Onions and cilantro top each taco with a round or two of radish! A little veg never hurt!!

These are a few of my favorite Mexican trucks… Anyone out there have any faves I’ve missed??
Don’t even get me started on the CupKates truck, Jon’s Street Eats and all the other food trucks- another post, another time!!


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