Oakland’s Pizza Pies

Who doesn’t love pizza?
Thin crust, stuffed, trendy, Sicilian, cold, hot, decked out, or just a plain cheese slice: the pizza pie has stayed in our hearts as a food staple and shows no sign of retreat. Here’s a round up of some of Oaklavore faves

Zacharys: 5801 College Ave. (510) 655-6385
Deep Dish Amazingness!! Seriously, this place has more of my friends hooked than any other pizza joint. It is a very specific craving, and can be used to bribe people into doing things for you! A great place to take out of towners too…

Pizzaiolo: 5008 Telegraph Ave. (510) 652-4888
Boot & Shoe Service: 3308 Grand Ave. (510) 763-2668
Chanterelle Pizza:YUM already. Garlicky shroomy goodness, a la Pizzaiolo, and just enough for three. As well, my man and I can show up looking casual, order a pizza and salad to split, call it date night and not feel terribly broke- and its primo food!! It’s tough to get some dudes into foodie joints as that usually means upping the usual dress code. This is the perfect marriage of casual, hella good food.

Lococco’s: 4270 Piedmont Ave. (510) 652-6222
This is such a great locals spot. It’s been open since I was a young kid. My sister used to rave about the pizza and now I agree with her. The gnocchi hold a special place in my hart as well. Call them and pick it up tonight!

Arizmendi: 3265 Lakeshore Ave. (510) 268-8849
Ohhhh goodness. The trouble here is to not buy out the rest of the cookies and baked goods when you get a pizza. A little pricey but made with love and amazing ingredients and the best one is love!!

Lanesplitter : 4799 Telegraph Ave. (510) 653-5350 ~or~ 536 Lake Park Ave. (510) 893-4001
Two words: heart stopper! I love a tune up- a choice of slice and a salad with a great beer and this girl is all set!!

Pizza Pazza: 3905 Piedmont Ave. (510) 653-0157
Never super crowded, this place has slices that you can customize however you desire. Eat there or on the go!

Rustica: 5422 College Ave. (510) 654-1601 ~or~ 6106 La Salle Ave. (510) 339-7878
On a rainy night, there’s nothing so easy and comforting like a “home” cooked meal! You can get a happy Mary’s chicken roasted one of three ways, roasted delicious potatoes and a spinach salad AND a pizza if you want! DELIVERED! They even have vegan options!!

    Hey Oaklavores, what pies did I miss?
    Let me know about your favorite pizza joints!!