Brotzeit Loakal : Seaworthy!

Ahoy! On a slightly chilly evening this week, I was on the strip between 880 and the Oakland marina and had a hankering for something other than Speisekammer or Quinn’s Lighthouse. “Oh yeah!! Brotzeit! I’ve been trying to get there one of these nights! Oh there it is, by the north end of that corporate looking hotel.” Parking is easy. We were greeted before we got to the door and were given seating options: outside “fend for yourself” or inside “be seated by staff”. We opted for the outdoor deck with its long tables and two heaters. We sat down and immediately had menus and a friendly server ask for our drink order. We took a look at the beer specials menu, each gave our usual beer names to the server and she translated them into a beer selection and was on her way.

Our beers arrived and were both cold and tasty. The Linden Street “house” beer shows a darker color than its taste belies. The Kolsch was a total girl beer and right up my alley- sweet and not too tangy or hoppy. This place would do well to have a taxi stand nearby with adult beverages this good! The mellow crowd on the deck was a mix of possible first dates, a business meeting, and friend groups. We had a nice view of some yachts and other boats along the water. There are showers in the restrooms in case you need to get your land legs washed!

Ooo, yay! It’s time to order food! The sausage list is expansive. Like the beer list, it is written out on a window and I chose the Bratwurst and my dining companion had the Wienerschnitzel. We continued to enjoy our bevvies and the view. We noticed food coming out of the kitchen in groups- not sure why. Nothing then everything- may have just been the rhythm of the evening. Our dishes were brought out at the end of a grouping that covered the majority of the deck.

The plate of schnitzel looked sizable but not huge. Brussel sprouts, halved and roasted joined the sides and contrasted the bright purple cabbage with the tan spaetzle in the middle. Snacking away on the applesauce and lemon topped pork, we didn’t know the star of the show was yet to come. The purple cabbage that comes with the schnitzel is a-freaking-mazing. Sweet and just a little tangy but not how you are expecting- it’ll say hello to you! The brat was good, I inhaled it. It came with fennel studded blond sauerkraut pickled onions and jalapeƱos that blasted our tongues with heat. We sorted out that the habanero sauce was actually not the culprit and that the jalapeƱo rounds could have stood some more pickling or some de-seeding. The onion rings we ordered were ok. one was not entirely fried on the bottom side but it saved me some calories! They were extra good with the habanero sauce!

We had no room for dessert and it took so long for our bill to come that we pondered ditching. We never would. Ever. But it took that long. Everything else had been so sharp and attentive that it was a surprise. I hate being held captive at a table, we looked ready to go and once we gave our card over it was quickly returned so it appears our message made it through. I’d like to try sitting inside as well as more sausages. Up next: The sausage plate, so I can try two meat treats and play roulette with the beer menu! Get on board at Brotzeit!