Mockingbird Rocks, Quietly!

Dear Readers, Happy New Year!! I was clearing out my drafts folder and found this outdated gem which still stands up:

On a clear Saturday night the warmly lit windows of Mockingbird beckoned a friend and I in for dinner and some girl chat. I arrived early and was seated immediately along the wall of windows that faces the patio of the venue next door.

A server came by and asked for my drink order and I tried a taste of what is offered as their lightest red, the Grenache. It was exactly what I was looking for, not too bold and went with the mini cheeseburgers I had my eye on.

My friend arrived and she opted for the Sauvignon Blanc, which she was pleased with and went with her raviolis perfectly.

I was happy to see that there were a few different options than what is on their website. The dining room was full all evening but thankfully each table has space to talk and be in their own realm. I appreciate when people aren’t right next to me in a more hushed space. I can see why this place is touted as a great date spot but could also see just pulling up a bar stool and enjoying a solo dinner as well.

Friends had the Brussels Sprouts and were absolutely loving them- next time!!

Ok- dessert. Apparently the pastry chef is from Oakland but comes in twice a week or so to manage the sweets menu. The bread pudding with caramel is so buttery, crunchy, creamy eggy and delicious we almost ordered another one on the spot but were too full. It’s been a while since dessert eclipsed dinner but wow, this dessert did.